Re: [hatari-devel] Error dialog needs cold reset button

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Le 09/03/2015 19:36, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

I think a message "exception during exception, cpu is halted, press OK
to reset"

No option to continue debugging the crash?


yes, it's true we can add this possibility.
So, the message could be "exception during exception, cpu is halted" with 2 buttons "reset" and "continue".
"reset" : see below
"continue" : don't do anything, go back to emulation and let the user decide to press alt+r or alt+c to reset, or alt+pause to call the debugger.

Is it safe to call Reset_Cold() that deep in emulation?

In all other cases, calling the reset functions happens during VBL, from SDL
input processing.

I don't think it gives problem to call Reset() outside of the main input loop (although I didn't try it). But we should call Reset_Warm() in fact, as on a real STF you would likely press the reset button, which does a warm, not cold, reset.

You can modify old cpu core if you like, if it's OK I will add the changes to WinUAE's cpu (which has a different/better "halt" state)


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