Re: [hatari-devel] Re: RAM detection issue with VDI (was HDDriver issues with WinUAE CPU core)

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On sunnuntai 11 tammikuu 2015, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Le 11/01/2015 16:41, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > Btw: if you use "--conout 2" with VDI mode and TT-ram, you notice
> > that TOS3 gives "infinitely" long ST-ram checking bar at TOS boot.
> > 
> > When memtop is 32k aligned, TOS3 detects TT-RAM, so I commited
> > that fix.
> maybe there's a misunderstanding, but as I wrote previuously, the
> problem is also present when there's no tt ram ; the bar will loop on st
> ram detection anyway and also since at least hatari 1.4.1, even with old
> uae cpu core, so this is unrelated to the new/old cpu.

Right, that particular bug wasn't related to TT-RAM, just VDI mode.

> I tested with your patch on memtop, and the problem is still there, st
> ram bar still loop forever :(

For me that change fixed it for this:
$ hatari --conout 2 -s 4 --machine tt --tos tos306uk.img \
  --vdi-width 640 --vdi-height 480

But it doesn't appear to work for all sizes.

I tested a bit more and TOS3 memory detection tests work if correct
memtop & phystop sizes are used.  For older TOS versions the gap
must be 32k though, otherwise they don't boot.

I commited better fix.

	- Eero

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