[hatari-devel] Beams TT version problem?

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Latest WinUAE CPU core gives a bit more info why
Beams TT version [1] doesn't work with Hatari:
$ wget http://www.tscc.de/download/beams_tt.zip
$ unzip beams_tt.zip
$ hatari --trace gemdos --machine tt --tos tos306uk.img beams.tt/beams.prg
GEMDOS 0x3D Fopen("music\beams.mod", read-only) at PC=0xFA002A
-> FD 64 (read-only -> read-only)
GEMDOS 0x3F Fread(64, 772570, 0x16e032) at PC 0xFA002A
GEMDOS 0x3E Fclose(64) at PC 0xFA002A
Unknown FPU instruction F200 0001CB7E
B-Trap F200 at 0001CB7E -> 00E0121C
GEMDOS 0x4C Pterm(-1) at PC 0xFA002A

-> wrong FPU exception handling?

(Beams TT version has never worked with Hatari although Falcon one does.)

	- Eero

[1] http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=16426

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