Re: [hatari-devel] fixed a crash when restoring a snapshot using DSP

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For Videl, I've planned to reintegrate my 2 years old code for Videl emulation, so many things may change. Maybe we could keep in mind the Videl snapshot saving/restoring but wait my changes before (it's as you want). I'm currently stocked with the AGU pipeline (the DSP behaviour seems more complex than it should (or my code is completly buggy ;)


Le 03/01/2015 19:17, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 03/01/2015 18:54, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Sorry, dsp56k_disasm_init seems not to do many things ;)

Your patch should be full OK ,)

regarding dsp disassembling, I can do a snapshot then reload it with

./hatari --memstate hatari_a1.sav --trace all

and the cpu/dsp disasm are ok, no crash so far.

As for save_cycles, it's restored from the snapshot, so it will be the same value as before saving, so it should not create any problem.

PS : videl restoring doesn't seem correct either in some cases. When I'm in low res mode, the screen is restored in low mode, but x2 pixel zooming seems to be gone, so you have a normal screen at the center and some big black borders around (window size is restored at x2 though).

In med res, the x2 vertical zooming is not applied either, so you get big top/bottom black borders.

I will try to look at this too, but maybe you have an idea ?


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