Re: [hatari-devel] fixed a crash when restoring a snapshot using DSP

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Just to be sure everything is OK, at the end of DSP_Reset, there's save_cycles = 0; We must be sure that this value is not too high (I don't know why ;), or the DSP may execute a lot of instructions after restoring the snapshot (this value is peharps saved into the snapshot too)

In dsp_core_reset, there's a call to dsp56k_init_cpu(void)

void dsp56k_init_cpu(void)
    isDsp_in_disasm_mode = false;
    start_time = SDL_GetTicks();
    num_inst = 0;

Which inits a few things, the most import is the disasm_init pointer which initiates the disasembler pointer to dsp_core if I remenber well (for DSP traces and disasm). This may crash hatari if we try to debug DSP code after a snapshot reload and this variable is not set, I haven't verified.


Le 03/01/2015 18:38, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 03/01/2015 17:23, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
So, latest changes prevented the crash, but it was not correct, I will
change it do not call DSP_Init after the snapshot is loaded.

This seems to be OK now.

- DSP_Init is only called at start and doesn't modify bDspEnabled, it only inits the DSP (DSP_Init() is now called in all mode, but we don't want to enable it for STF for example)

- I added DSP_Enable / DSP_Disable to really enable/disable DSP emulation. These functions should be called when changing config instead of calling DSP_Init/DSP_UnInit.

- I also remove the call to DSP_Reset when restoring the snapshot ; from what I can see it reset some variables in dsp_core, but as dsp_core is loaded right after, the reset seems useless.

Tested with GemPlay, I can now reload a snapshot and still use the DSP and its program (but maybe some corner cases are remaining)


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