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Le 11/11/2014 00:02, Douglas Little a écrit :
Quick update on this problem...

Frank Wille (of VASM/VBCC fame) did a little investigating for me and
apart from confirming the FP rounding problem in UAE, he discovered that
several versions of UAE behave quite differently from each other with
respect to rounding.

It seems however that the most recent versions have fixed both FINT and
FMOVE so they both now work correctly. I'm not sure if that includes
WinUAE or just UAE but it sounds like the problem has at least been
recognized and could make it into Hatari along with a new core at some

On different discussion, Toni Wilen from WinUAE also told me that latest WinUAE had several improvements in FPU :

"But there has been lots of recent FPU related changes too, for example optional softfloat library support (100% exact results but much slower), this is not fully implemented yet. Also 68040 weird missing FPU instruction exception stack frames are finally supported (=motorola fpsp library works, if for some reason there is need to emulate missing instructions as really missing) some things may have gotten broken too.. "

Well, we'll see what we get, but your current work on Quake 2 for falcon will certainly be useful to compare real HW to emulation and help improving the emulation part when it differs.


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