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Hi Nicolas,
On different discussion, Toni Wilen from WinUAE also told me that latest WinUAE had several improvements in FPU :

"But there has been lots of recent FPU related changes too, for example optional softfloat library support (100% exact results but much slower), this is not fully implemented yet. Also 68040 weird missing FPU instruction exception stack frames are finally supported (=motorola fpsp library works, if for some reason there is need to emulate missing instructions as really missing) some things may have gotten broken too.. "

Sounds like they have done a lot of work on the emulation core. I should spend a bit of time looking at UAE in more detail sometime, to get a better idea of what sort of things are implemented now and what to expect.

Well, we'll see what we get, but your current work on Quake 2 for falcon will certainly be useful to compare real HW to emulation and help improving the emulation part when it differs.


In fact it's always surprising to me how rarely I have compatibility problems between HW and Hatari. It does happen from time to time and it can take some effort to figure out - but considering how fiddly the Falcon is the ability to develop in a Falcon emulator and mostly forget about it is pretty amazing.


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