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Am Thu, 13 Nov 2014 11:19:42 -0700 (MST)
schrieb David Savinkoff <dsavnkff@xxxxxxxxx>:

> I agree with minimizing the number of icons and mime-types.
> I think that any unofficial mime-types should be optional
> because they may be globally problematic.

That's why I've marked the mimetypes with the "x-" prefix. If you do
not like that, you're welcome to register an official mime type for
each of the disk images that we support :-)

> Hatari MUST be
> able to determine if a file is acceptable by inspecting the file
> data before using it.

At least the MSA code checks for the right header magic value. Not
sure for STX, maybe Nicolas can answer that question. Concerning .ST
disk images, there is no header that can be checked, so the file
extension is the only thing you can rely on here. 

> Note that .st files are legitimate disk images, and probably
> have an official mime-type that may be used. All files that
> Hatari uses should be mapped to an official mime-type.

There seems to be an application/x-raw-disk-image mime-type, but that's
mapped to other file extensions and I am not sure whether it is meant
for floppy images or hard disk images. So I think the mimetype
application/x-st-disk-image should be fine for the .ST disks here.


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