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Am Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:16:15 +0100
schrieb Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Maybe it would be better to have only one .desktop file that handles 
> several extension (st, msa, dim, ipf, ... + maybe the .gz variant)
> and only 1 icon type that would represent a "hatari compatible disk" ?

Is it possible to specify file extensions directly in the .desktop file?
So far I've only seen the possibility to specify a mimetype there. And
specifying one application/x-hatari-diskimage mime type for all image
types feels somewhat wrong - that would IMHO be ok if these image types
were completely "invented" by us and only used by Hatari, but since
they are standard, I think they should get a proper own mime type each.

> Maybe at lower size you could put just "st" on the icon and "st + 
> hatari" at higher size ?

Or maybe use the green H instead of the red ST? OTOH, considering what
I've written above, it might be more "polite" not to put the Hatari
logo or text on this icon... what do you think?


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