Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with changes in drive ID handling

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On perjantai 10 lokakuu 2014, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > I guess the new config option needs to default to assigning
> > GEMDOS HD to C:...

I just commited a config, command line and SDL GUI option for this.

From command line one can set (single) GEMDOS HD drive letter or ask
Hatari recognized partitions to skipped.  In SDL GUI one cannot set
the  drive letter, just select whether Hatari recognized partitions
are skipped or not.

Skip is good default e.g. with EmuTOS, which doesn't require any
additional ACSI or IDE driver.

> I think this should indeed be the default, because there is much less
> potential for problems than when not making it the default.

GEMDOS HD is now by default C: and assigning it to something that
already has ACSI/IDE partition results only in warning, not disabling
GEMDOS HD emulation for that drive.

> But in any case, if there is such an option I'd recommend that the
> Hatari documentation goes into detail about the consequences this option
> may have.


> > > By the way, before your change I noticed that when changing settings
> > > in HDDRUTIL, HDDRUTIL now reports that the write operation failed.
> > > This worked fine with Hatari 1.8.0 and earlier.

Did my earlier change fix this too?

	- Eero

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