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I have also noticed incorrect disassembly, although it seems to be more like an 'approximation' of the instruction - a generic one that may stand in for several other variants. It is however still wrong because the opcode size is not equivalent. There might even be differences in flags for some cases. I was confused on a couple of occasions, not recognizing the code :)

It will tend to show a longer instruction (encoding) than the one actually being executed e.g. a 4 or 6 byte mnemonic vs 2..

I'll report the next time I notice which opcodes are affected. add/sub/move were the obvious ones but there are a few more.


What "cpureg" shows should be correct, as it should be what
instruction CPU emulation core is going to emulate. :-)

Was "adda.l" the correct interpretation?

If you see external disassembler reporting wrong instruction,
please report the exact opcode, what instruction it should be
and what Markus' disassembler claimed it to be.

        - Eero

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