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On tiistai 04 maaliskuu 2014, Miro Kropáček wrote:
> I'm wondering, what's the purpose of showing instructions which have been
> already processed instead of showing instruction which PC points at?

Technically it's not processed yet (completely), otherwise emulation
PC would point to next address.  The information is output by
DebugInfo_Default() in src/debug/debugInfo.c.

> For example:
> 00e0123e: 4e41 defc 0010 2040 217c TRAP.L #$00000001
> next PC: 00e01240
> This tells me that yeah, trap #1 has been called, great, but I have no
> clue what's going to happen next. So I have to type "disasm" everytime
> to look whether there isn't a conditional branch or something.

"lock disasm"

	- Eero

PS. "lock file <file>" sets output to whatever the commands
in the given debugger script file do.

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