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If you just start hatari with the binary and invoke debugger
when that binary is loaded by GEMDOS, can it at that point
disassemble this part of code?
I'm too tired now to try but I'd say the same -- I remember having this problem before (I didn't know how to load symbols but followed the Hatari manual about setting a breakpoint after GEMDOS loads the binary) and I saw those 'dc.w' statements, too.

I.e. does the disassembler corrupt it's internal state during
usage and stop showing correctly instructions it has earlier
shown right, or does it go wrong right at the beginning?
Since I have never seen it show correctly, I'd assume the latter ;) For you it works OK? I can send you the disk image (a few KBs) if you want.
[1] However, M68K PRM says that False and True conditions are NOT
    applicable to Bcc instructions?
BT = BRA, not sure about BF, whether it's allowed but DBF definitely is.
Does it matter from where you start disassembling, for whether
it gets into sync with instructions?
As I'm saying, I haven't seen it working correctly yet ;) I can press AltGr+Pause even during the TOS boot and it's still dc.w all the time.

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