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On lauantai 25 tammikuu 2014, Miro Kropáček wrote:
> > Which instruction disassembler you're using?
> Uh? Till now I had no idea, the default one, obviously.
> You can change it with:
> ---------------
> > > setopt --disasm help
> Well, OK. Now I see I was using the 'ext' one which is ... nothing (the
> instructions are standard 68000). Changing it to 'uae' gives a
> disassembly output but yes, it's not very pretty. So the question is ....
> how to activate this magic ext disassembler?

You have it active, but for some reason it doesn't recognize
those specific instructions.  It may be somehow confused about
what's the actual CPU model (which UAE disassembler cannot be),
or just lacking bits for those specific instruction variants
from its "OpcodeTable" lookup table in src/debug/68kDisass.c.

What "uae" disassembler shows to you?

(I'm interested about both what instructions it shows,
and what are their opcodes (hex values).)

	- Eero

> > What instructions and for what m68k CPU model your're
> > disassembling?
> 68000 code
> > What "d pc" shows in this case?
> Same (dc.w)
> If you mean not executing the at all, then that's the only way:
> >         r pc=<address>
> Cool, thanks.

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