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I tried the new version of Hatari with IPF support on OS X this evening. As you said, Lethal Xcess isn't working. I only tried Blood Money this evening, but it worked great. I'll try some more games tomorrow.

For anyone else cares (Jerome?), I only had to copy the CAPSImage framework to my Frameworks directory (either system or user level) and copy the include files. I put them in /usr/local/include after creating that directory. When I ran Cmake, it immediately detected libcapsimage. Then, I had to change the Xcode project to add /usr/local/include to the Header Search Paths so Hatari didn't get a compile error because it couldn't find the header files.

I do miss the floppy light that I get with Hatari's FDC emulation. However, I also like the ability to run originally imaged games without the crack screens.

Thanks for adding IPF support. Hopefully, it will catch on and we'll see more ST disks in IPF format.

Bob C

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just merged a devel branch I had from over a year (summer 2012) that adds IPF support to the FDC emulation.

- For OSX : get and see the included readme file for instructions. I can't test it myself, any feedback will be welcome.

Known limitation :

Lethal Excess is not working, there's a bug in the caps library.

There's no write support in IPF file so far, so Sundog won't work either as it requires to write on the disk.

Have fun testing all of this :)


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