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Le 24/07/2013 13:37, Douglas Little a écrit :

    that's what I did for some part of the ikbd emulation ; but it's
    really tedious, the ikbd's rom is not easy to follow, due to limited
    ram, the same locations are often used for several usages with every
    bits having a separate meaning.

I can only imagine the pain of that... I do have an IDA-Pro license
which should handle the 6301 - but the job just really is not tempting
for me at this time.

I have a disasm version which is partially commented, if someone feels like completing it, but I don't think it's of such high interest.

I don't suppose anyone has tried to replace the code with their own
custom version at any point on the Atari game or demo coding timeline?  :-)

There were some attempts at implementing a small program in the 128 bytes of ram, but I never heard of a replacement for the 4 KB ROM.


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