[hatari-devel] IKBD, max keys?

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I did some tests this evening and noticed Hatari is allowing a maximum of 6 Atari keys to be held at once.

Tests on a real machine (Falcon, TOS 4.04) appear to show the limit is between 2 and 4 keys, depending on the keys. I'm still confirming this but there does seem to be a difference.

A few questions on this:

- is Hatari implementing this limit of 6, or is it the host machine (PC etc?)
- what is the true limit on the IKBD, if any?
- is the limit the same on all Ataris or does it vary by TOS / hardware etc?

Any input welcome. I'm working on a game that needs complex key combinations and while things work well in Hatari it's not behaving well on a real box.

(some effects seen on a real box: >2 keys ignored, irrelevant scancodes reported when shift+ctrl combos used with arrows and some other keys)


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