Re: [hatari-devel] Re: IKBD, max keys?

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Le 23/07/2013 01:19, Douglas Little a écrit :
...confirmed on real hardware. maximum of 2 simultaneous keys of any
kind.  :-(  I don't see this documented anywhere and wasn't expecting it.


do you mean 2 by using some TOS functions or by reading directly fffc02 ?
If this by reading fffc02, I had the feeling you could have as many simultaneous keys, as long as you keep a pressed/released state for each key yourself. But I never really tried to see if the IKBD sends a release event when too many keys are down.

Hatari seems to impose a more complicated limit which depends on the
class of keys being held - up to 4 normal keys plus 2 for arrow keys
plus 2 for control keys. Something like that. This is possibly happening
on the host, outside of Hatari but it is a notable difference whatever
the cause.

Keys are handled by SDL, so it will certainly varies depending on the OS. As long as the OS allows more keys to be pressed than a real Atari, then it's not too big a problem, the opposite would be limiting though.


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