Re: [hatari-devel] Preliminary Hatari 1.7.0 OSX Build Example

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Le 28/06/13 18:46, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

Yes, it's possible ; is this xcode that create this specific directory hierarchy (.app/Contents/Resources/...), do all OSX application have the same hierarchy ?

It's the standard way OSX Bunddle are built:
    /Frameworks: were are stored all library needed)
    /MacOs: binary/executable
/Resources: GUI elements, all things needed to run, like ROM, documents, etc.

More Over, it's better to disable HAVE_X11 (even if X11 dev files are
installed: is there any use of X11 library under MacOsX ?).

I don't know ; I would leave it for now as I don't know what it's used for. I think it's needed when compiling with SDL, doesn't SDL require X11 ?
Not on MacOsX ! SDL is Cocoa native.


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