Re: [hatari-devel] Status of current dev version on OSX ?

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On 10/06/2013 21:51, Jerome Vernet wrote:
Le 10/06/13 14:05, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

I put the link to the pre-1.7 version onto atari-forum. Nativ was able
to run your UB on a PPC Mac running 10.5. I was also able to run the
pre-1.7 version. I did notice a couple of places where the English
localization file is still in French. However, the option for fast FDC
access was easy enough to understand.

Here is a new build, with english correct localization, and the 10.4ppc


does this require an updated zip of all the files you sent a few days ago ? If so, could you post the new version of gui-osx files ?


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