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On 09/06/2013 18:25, Eero Tamminen wrote:

Well, I think that's an error in the fdc emulation that timeouts too
soon when no disk is inserted (or an unformatted disk (but you can't do
this with ST/MSA)). I should wait 1.6 sec for each read access when no
disk is in drive, but at the moment I just returns immediatly with the
appropriate error bit in the status register.

Is there anything that breaks when it gets that error immediately
i.e. depends on that behavior?

Up to now, I didn't see a program that breaks when it gets the info too soon that there's no disk in drive ; but it could happen (imagine a program that plays a different music depending on the fdc status, the music would be played too short for example). So it should be fixed one day, even if it's certainly harmless.

IMHO it would be nicer if you would investigate why EmuTOS is still
slow although it gets error immediately... :-)

I don't know what EmuTos does. It's up to the program to decide what to do when a read sector command reports "record not found" ; you can retry 1 time, 2 times, 10 times, ... Maybe Emutos retries too many times or add some unnecessary pauses between retries.

By the way, don't we miss an option to boot without an already
configured gemdos HD drive ? I can't see it (only option is to press F12
and eject on gemdos drive).

I added support for this:

Similarly to several other Hatari options, HD device is now disabled
when empty string is given:
	$ hatari -d ""

Thanks, this can be useful to automate tests when the program can't support HD emulation (see Transbeauce II demo protection for example)


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