[hatari-devel] MFP Interrupt Regression

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Hi Nicolas,

In hatari/src/psg.c :: PSG_Set_DataRegister()
A GPIP0 Printer BUSY interrupt is initiated because a printer
connected to the parallel printer port toggles the BUSY line.
This can be used to generate an interrupt on a Atari ST.

This feature worked in hatari 1.6.2 and earlier (since 2008)

The MFP code has recently been changed and these interrupts
stopped working.

( line 314 in hatari/src/psg.c )
/* Seems like we want to print something... */
/* Initiate a possible GPIP0 Printer BUSY interrupt */
MFP_InputOnChannel ( MFP_INT_GPIP0 , 0 );  *** NOT WORKING ***

Note GPIP1 Falcon ACK interrupt (3 lines further down)
is done, additionally, for the same reason.


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