Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari/EmuTOS Conflict

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On 08/06/2013 21:21, David Savinkoff wrote:

How to reproduce this bug:

1) download
2) download the most recent Hatari from HG Tip.
3) build plain old Hatari v1.6.2+
4) delete directory ~/.hatari
5) execute Hatari,
    press f12,
    select: System
    uncheck: Patch TOS for faster boot
    select: Back to main menu
    select: ROM, and browse for etos256uk.img
    select: Back to main menu
    select: Save config
    select: Quit
6) execute Hatari and wait for cursor arrow to appear,
    then attempt moving the cursor.
7) press altgr-r to reset Hatari; cursor is movable this time.


I added the default 9600 bauds for the ACIA after a cold start (that I mentioned in an earlier thread). Even if EmuTos also had some other issues with reseting the ACIA, could you check if it works better for the case above ?


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