Re: [hatari-devel] Opinions on Hatari profiler "user interface"?

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You know me by the time, I won't say anything until it's over. ;)

Now you've got us extra curious :)

It's something new (not related to Beats of Rage).
It's about 60% finished and I'm already quite pleased about the result.
But it's a secret ;) (I know, a secret on a mailing list ... <:oD)

Ok but you're leaking secrets already! We now know it involves DSP and is performance critical. :) mmm, interesting.

I have to add thanks to everyone here (esp. Eero recently) for the very useful Hatari 'programming tool' which has been a big help to me working on Falcon code. It would probably have been too difficult to restart on such projects without it, and the profiler allows a new level optimization to be achieved. Great work.


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