Re: [hatari-devel] Opinions on Hatari profiler "user interface"?

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Le 03/04/2013 21:09, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
> I use it a lot now with my current new dev.

Now you got me interested. :-)

What kind of a project you're working on, is it related
to Beats of Rage, or something new?

> Would it be possible to add the instruction disasm just after the PC,
> count: and number of hits
> Something like :
> > profile counts
> addr:        count:
> 0x05ce14    5.38%    134638        move.l    d0,(a0)
> 0x05ce18    5.38%    134638        nop

I commited support for that, for *CPU* side:

With the current *DSP* disassembler, its only possible to have
the disassembly on its own line, but that would look pretty messy,
especially as DSP disassembly includes also address and profiling
information, so I left that out.

> > With this, I could see in one look which instructions are concerned
> > instead of doing many times
> > d $05ce14
> > d $05ce26
> > d $05ce20
> > ...

I use those "top" count & cycles lists mainly to see where in memory
the hotspots are and how/whether they're close together or spread out.
Then I just start disassembling from somewhere slightly before
the hotspot (to see how code arrives in the hotspot).

I.e. in above case dissassembling forward from the first instruction would
quickly show all the relevant instructions.  I hope doing something like
that is enough for the DSP side...

	- Eero

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