Re: [hatari-devel] STE DMA Sound with Falcon emulation?

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I've tried to test the .lst you sent me.

It seems not to work at all.
When I launch it by clicking run under GFA basic, I get the following alert window : 4 bombs illegal instruction executed in machine code.

I don't remenber how to compile gfa code to generate an exe.


Le 21/04/2013 19:13, Matthias Arndt a écrit :
Am Sonntag, den 21.04.2013, 19:08 +0200 schrieb Laurent Sallafranque:

Have you got a little example (exe) that works on your Falcon but not
under hatari ?
(I don't ask for your next demo, but just a little exe with the mod player).

Best regards

Not readily compiled but the basic package I got from GT Turbo.
I have attached it to this mail. The .LST file can be assembled and
compiled with GFABASIC.

I only use a different music files and don't load drivers etc from disk..


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