Re: [hatari-devel] STE DMA Sound with Falcon emulation?

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It must be some strange MFP problem then.
The program from evl works with Hatari but my program does not.

It uses the Wizzcat Protracker replay for STE. It works on my Falcon so
I still suspect there is something fishy, even if it is not directly the
DMA sound itself? It stays silent, no bombs, just silence. The rest of
the program works.


Am Sonntag, den 21.04.2013, 11:22 +0200 schrieb Anders Eriksson: 
> On Sun, 21 Apr 2013, Matthias Arndt wrote:
> >
> > My program uses STE DMA sound to play music, this works fine in STE mode
> > of Hatari. When I run the program with Falcon emulation (TOS 4.04,
> > FPATCH2 is not required but loaded anyway), it stays silent on Hatari.
> >
> > It runs with music on my Falcon with TOS 4.02 and FPATCH2 loaded.
> Hello,
> as I've been using STe samples on Falcon while developing (for example ACE 
> DSP replay not working, I've substituted it for a sample when coding in 
> with Hatari) and it has worked.
> So I did a very short routine to try it out again, and it seems to work 
> like I remember. Here's my example code (just a few lines) and also an 
> exec to try if you don't have gen.ttp:
> --
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