RE: [hatari-devel] 68030 cycle timings for 64bit div/mul

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> From: Roger Burrows 
> I've been working on the divide stuff on and off.  I have results for DIVS.W
> and DIVU.W which I can post together with the source code for the program
> that obtained them.
> I started work on the 32-bit divides but that's paused ATM.  The problem
> there of course is that it's impossible to perform every possible divide and
> check the results, so the code tries to do quasi-random, quasi-boundary
> tests.  I have some preliminary results, but I need to fire up the TT again to
> continue.
> If anyone is interested in me continuing (or in getting my code & pursuing it
> themselves), let me know.
> Regards,
> Roger Burrows

Hi Roger,
You can count on my TT, just please send me your application, and source code if possible - I wonder how to do that magic :)


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