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On tiistai 22 tammikuu 2013, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > Having network card emulated & networking would certainly be handy,
> > but is it really required for it to work?
> No, the network card is not required, but a Unix without network is
> somehow, hmm, not really a Unix ;-)

Hatari implements serial and parallel interfaces, so there's always
Plip and Splip if one is lacking ethernet... And one can then route
those to internet. :-)

> > Another, pontially more interesting use-case could be running latest
> > Linux based Debian.  There's effort to make that work on real TT,
> > 
> > see the debian m68k list "/|\" and "Atari TT" threads here:
> >
> Yes, looks as if the 68k port has been revived.

If I understood correctly, the breakthrough was getting TLS implementation
for Glibc on m68k (somebody was paid to implement it for ColdFire and that
could be relatively easily be applied also for m68k), as newer Glibc
versions in Debian required working thread local storage.

> I'm still running an
> old Debian Linux on my TT. (I think it's kernel version 1.2 or 2.0.) It
> supports the Riebel card, by the way. The TT is connected to an old
> router, the router to a WLAN bridge, the bridge to my FritzBox, and the
> FritzBox to my cable modem. All in all the TT has Internet access this
> way, even though the Riebel card does not support much more than 200
> KiB/s.

Plip or Slip is enough for getting plain text mail, and having remote
console but not much else... :-)

	- Eero

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