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On tiistai 22 tammikuu 2013, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > Toni Wilen, who is working on WinUAE has added our MMU and made some
> > additions to it, including correct exception handling for 68030 and
> > also handling the SSW. He told that he was able too boot AMIX (Amiga
> > Unix). So the 68030 MMU should now be good enough to boot real MMU
> > using systems!
> That's interesting because as far as I know this Unix is similar to
> Atari's System V (ASV) for the TT. I haven't used it for ages but it
> would be interesting to run it with Hatari. A SCSI drive would be
> required, though, and a Riebel network card emulation ...

Having network card emulated & networking would certainly be handy,
but is it really required for it to work?

Another, pontially more interesting use-case could be running latest
Linux based Debian.  There's effort to make that work on real TT,
see the debian m68k list "/|\" and "Atari TT" threads here:

Although when I tested that on Aranym, it was maybe 10x slower
than the ancient Debian Sarge release from the Aranym page here:

But hopefully that's just a bug, not indication of general slowdown
during the years...

	- Eero

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