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On keskiviikko 31 lokakuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> I didn't rewrite the MIDI code, but it could be done to use the 2nd ACIA
> without too much trouble (but is it required now, do we have problem
> with midi ?)

AFAIK no, about all MIDI programs I've tested, work fine.

MIDI (and RS232) based networking setup doesn't always work that well,
but problem with that could as well be in network timings outside
of Hatari, or a problem with the programs themselves.

I could imagine a problem with some commercial MIDI software that
implements its own RTOS for handling for speed reasons, but I don't
remember was this with Cubase or Notator.

> To avoid regressions, I tested various demos/games that caused problems
> in the past : Overdrive Demo, Pandemonium Demo, V8 Music disk, Froggies
> Over The Fence Demo, Dragonnels Demo, Platoon, Fokker.prg, Carrier
> Command, UUS John Young, Hammerfist, Hades Nebula, Yogi Bear, ...

Maybe newly working ones be added to the fixed list in release notes?

> Still not working (not related to ACIA) : F29 Retaliator.
> Don't hesitate to test the above games/demos yourself or any other
> program known to have problem with ikbd.

Both Fokker and Downfall work now fine with normal TOS.

Neither Fokker nor Downfall works with EmuTOS, they just freeze,
but I assume that just to be incompatibility with EmuTOS IKBD

	- Eero

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