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Le 01/11/2012 12:28, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
To avoid regressions, I tested various demos/games that caused problems
in the past : Overdrive Demo, Pandemonium Demo, V8 Music disk, Froggies
Over The Fence Demo, Dragonnels Demo, Platoon, Fokker.prg, Carrier
Command, UUS John Young, Hammerfist, Hades Nebula, Yogi Bear, ...

Maybe newly working ones be added to the fixed list in release notes?


Appart from fokker, which I will add later to release note, all other ones were already working, but with small hacks/imprecisions in the emulation.

Both Fokker and Downfall work now fine with normal TOS.

Neither Fokker nor Downfall works with EmuTOS, they just freeze,
but I assume that just to be incompatibility with EmuTOS IKBD

It's possible. But it's strange EmuTos is affected by this, the interrupt handler for ikbd/acia should be rather simple and just pass bytes to the calling program.


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