Re: [hatari-devel] Starglider 1 doesn't work anymore with Hatari

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On 09/11/2012 00:10, Eero Tamminen wrote:

I guess I just need to use it with Hatari v1.4 with which it works.

It's a bit shame that all "enhanced" versions of Starglider I
(which still work under Hatari) have broken its monochrome support
and work only in color resolution. :-/

Well, you could ask on, I'm sure someone might direct you to a working version or maybe do an HD installable version.

Else, you can crack the game, it's rather easy. Instead of sending you a cracked version, you can do it yourself :)

Run, the game, wait for the lock and go to debuger.

The pc will loop on "move 2700,sr"

In my case I have

$00f330 : 0839 0005 ffff fa01                  btst      #5,$fffffa01
$00f338 : 66f6                                 bne.s     $f330
$00f33a : 3039 ffff 8604                       move.w    $ffff8604,d0
$00f340 : 0800 0004                            btst      #4,d0
$00f344 : 6700 0480                            beq       $f7c6
$00f348 : 42b9 0001 0980                       clr.l     $10980
$00f34e : 42b9 0001 0984                       clr.l     $10984
$00f354 : 42b9 0001 0e4c                       clr.l     $10e4c
$00f35a : 42b9 0001 16d6                       clr.l     $116d6

-> infinite loop
$00f360 : 4e72 2700                            stop      #$2700
$00f364 :                                      bra       $f360

So, put a pc breakpoint on "beq"
b pc=f344

go back to emulation and reboot (the breakpoint will stay)

On next run, the game will stop on "beq $f7c6", replace it with a "bra f7c6"

w f344 60

remove the breakpoint and go back to emulation.

That's it, cracked :)


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