Re: [hatari-devel] Starglider 1 doesn't work anymore with Hatari

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On perjantai 09 marraskuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Looking at the code from this game, it does a read sector on track 79
> sector 247 then check for bit 4 of fdc's status register to be 0, which
> means no error was encountered and sector was correctly read.

Thanks for checking this!

> But ST/MSA disk image can't store sector number 247, they can't even
> store any sector number, they just assume sector 1..n are present for
> each track.
> So, sorry, but this disk is protected ; a very simple protection that
> any ST copier would copy, but still you would need a .stx (pasti) or
> .ipf file to store track 79.

Ok, funny that for all this time I had thought my original
game disks to be without copy protection.  :-)

(Some images of Atari Powerpack disks didn't work even with
Hatari v1.4, Gauntlet II was one of those, but most seemed
to work fine.)

> No error in the FDC code, Hatari was just incomplete on this part
> (running this .st disk image using Steem with or without pasti library
> enabled will also fail in both cases)

I guess I just need to use it with Hatari v1.4 with which it works.

It's a bit shame that all "enhanced" versions of Starglider I
(which still work under Hatari) have broken its monochrome support
and work only in color resolution. :-/

	- Eero

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