Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with Hatari 1.6.2 and EmuTOS 192K ROMs

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Le 15/10/2012 01:13, Roger Burrows a écrit :

On the other side, I think that EmuTOS should only reset the IKBD clock if
the date read is bogus (not initialized), but I don't know how to test that
(again, tests on real hardware should help). Since the date returned by
Hatari is always good, EmuTOS will never try to set it.

I can't think of any way of testing this.  Again, according to the Atari ikbd
protocol document, and verified on my TT, a RESET of the ikbd processor does
not affect the date/time.

Yes, the hd6301's reset doesn't clear the internal ram. So next time the hd6301 starts, the previous values are still there and the clock remains correct. Which is quite normal, considering the ikbd's clock can be used as a persistent clock between full reset of the ST. It doesn't have a battery, so it won't keep its values after a power down, but it will keep its values after reset.


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