Re: [hatari-devel] Adding Aranym features for Hatari?

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On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> On tiistai 16 lokakuu 2012, Paul Wratt wrote:
>> a generic GEMDOS XFS would work (in theory) with other emulators as,
>> incl. Gemula8r, STEem (3.2) and TOSBOX
> ...
>> A GEMDOS XFS would allow similar on most emulators (that dont have NF
>> support), presented as Caps only 8.3  filesystem
> Those other non-NF-supporting emulators are ST/STE emulators.  Does
> somebody really want to run MiNT on an (emulated) 68000 machine?
> Does latest MiNT even work on plain 68000?
> (I remember there was some talk in 2009 about Alan looking into fixing
> issues preventing MiNT from running on plain ST, but I don't know whether
> the issues actually got fixed.)
>         - Eero
I saw another post by Alan that he was going to chech on STacey (or
STbook), and an MegaST a month or 2 ago, I believe he needed to
re-verify some low-level floppy driver issues (off the top of my head)

Gemul8r (v9) and the latest 3.4 SSE support up to 68040 chips as well,
even though they are ST/STE emulators.

The are users some users out there who have enough HD and memory to
run MiNT of STFM/STE/MegaST/E

Anyone looking to acquire real hardware nowadays is also (mostly)
limited to that range. Plus there are now good IDE and CF (ie card
type) solutions for them too, on ASCI port or Catridge, and for
MegaSTE internal SCSI, which also make MiNT usable, even if its only
in a minimal (AFROS) form

Technically a NF FS driver on real hardware could be used to connect
to a file server providing HOSTFS in a similar vain to what is done on
VIC20/C64, which would allow for a NF network driver in a similar way.


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