Re: [hatari-devel] Adding Aranym features for Hatari?

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On tiistai 16 lokakuu 2012, Paul Wratt wrote:
> a generic GEMDOS XFS would work (in theory) with other emulators as,
> incl. Gemula8r, STEem (3.2) and TOSBOX
> A GEMDOS XFS would allow similar on most emulators (that dont have NF
> support), presented as Caps only 8.3  filesystem

Those other non-NF-supporting emulators are ST/STE emulators.  Does
somebody really want to run MiNT on an (emulated) 68000 machine? 

Does latest MiNT even work on plain 68000?

(I remember there was some talk in 2009 about Alan looking into fixing
issues preventing MiNT from running on plain ST, but I don't know whether
the issues actually got fixed.)

	- Eero

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