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On tiistai 05 kesäkuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> On maanantai 04 kesäkuu 2012, Thomas Huth wrote:
> > Ok, thanks for the extensive tests! I think I found and fixed the
> > problem with extended VDI/GEMDOS now: The problem was how the CPU cores
> > emulated the CPU internal prefetch ... the code changed between our old
> > core and WinUAE core.
> > Could you please do again some regression test to see whether it works
> > now as expected and take care of the TT FPU (Falcon was not shipped
> > with a FPU by default, so I think you only have to set it for TT
> > mode).
> I tested your changes with it and now all TOS versions boot fine
> with the WinUAE core in all HW configs TOS tester checks!

All normal TOS versions and 192k EmuTOS work.

However, 256k and 512k EmuTOS versions cause WinUAE version of Hatari
to assert on startup with ST and STE emulation:
$ src/hatari --parse trace-emutos.ini \
  --tos emutos-512k-CVS-20120605/etos512k.img
Hatari v1.6.1, compiled on:  Jun  4 2012, 23:18:23
CPU cycleunit: 256 (0.500)
Building CPU table for configuration: 68000 prefetch and cycle-exact 24-bit
1881 CPU functions
Building CPU, 44316 opcodes (0 -1 1)
CPU=68000, FPU=0, MMU(040)=0, JIT=0.
hatari: /home/eero/work/hatari/src/cycInt.c:378: 
CycInt_AddRelativeInterruptWithOffset: Assertion `CycleTime >= 0' failed.

If I enable VDI mode, then those EmuTOS versions also work.

("trace-emutos.ini" traces all EmuTOS symbols listed in

	- Eero

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