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does this patch work in the background and thus patch the events for all
other programs that use /dev/inpust js? for the affected stick?

If so, that would be a great tool to have.

I sadly have no knowledge of Linux kernel driver hacking and thus I am
not able to test such hacks easily.

OTOH a patch on the driver level is probably not really desirable. I
think real configurability which axis or buttons to what on the
application level are much better to have from a user's point of view.


Am Sonntag, den 13.05.2012, 12:13 -0600 schrieb David Savinkoff: 
> Hi Matthias,
> I modified the source code of jstest.c ( jscal.c is in the same tarball ).
> What I'm showing here is that you can make your own separate program for
> the joystick and maybe get it added to the "joystick package", or fork it.
> David
> ps. My ancient patch is an example of how to swap the joystick axis.

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