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On Monday 14 May 2012 08:28, Matthias Arndt wrote:
> Hello,
> does this patch work in the background and thus patch the events for all
> other programs that use /dev/inpust js? for the affected stick?
This patch does not run in the background because it configures the
joystick kernel module (which runs in the background).
> If so, that would be a great tool to have.
The Linux Console Project:
jscal - calibrate joystick devices, reconfigure the axes and buttons
Note that the joystick deb package has the same jscal.
(ignore my ancient patch because this new jscal is fully functional)

Qjoypad runs in the background because it can reconfigure joystick
button presses to mouse button presses and/or keyboard button
presses. Note that jscal stays within the scope of the given joypad.

To use Qjoypad with Hatari (joystick buttons as key presses);
1) disable the joystick in Hatari
2) use Qjoypad to map keyboard keys to the joystick buttons

> I sadly have no knowledge of Linux kernel driver hacking and thus I am
> not able to test such hacks easily.
> OTOH a patch on the driver level is probably not really desirable. I
> think real configurability which axis or buttons to what on the
> application level are much better to have from a user's point of view.
> Regards,
> Matthias
> Am Sonntag, den 13.05.2012, 12:13 -0600 schrieb David Savinkoff:
> > Hi Matthias,
> >
> > I modified the source code of jstest.c ( jscal.c is in the same tarball
> > ). What I'm showing here is that you can make your own separate program
> > for the joystick and maybe get it added to the "joystick package", or
> > fork it.
> >
> > David
> >
> > ps. My ancient patch is an example of how to swap the joystick axis.

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