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On lauantai 18 helmikuu 2012, Fredrik Olsson wrote:
> I am new to Hatari dev, diffs, and CMake so I thought I should get some
> verification that I am doing the right thing before I do something
> completely off the tracks.
> I have implemented rudimentary support for STX (Pasti) disk images.
> Currently it only supports unprotected disks with 512bytes sectors (More
> support requires some rewrites that I want input on first). Many, but
> far from all, images from works now. Bad
> Company works and boots as expected. Whereas Bombuzal and Dungeon master
> disks can be browsed in GEM, but fails copy protection checks due to
> missing timing and fuzzy sectors.
> I have attached my patch as diff-file for the 1.6.1 source tree. I only
> have access to a Mac OS X machine, so I would also be glad if it could
> be verified to work on Linux. And also get input on coding style, and
> what is the official route for submitting patches?
> I have added stx.h/stx.c, and modified floppy.c/createBlankImage.c. And
> relevant CMakeLists.txt.


I haven't tried this yet, but on quick look the changes look good to me.

Some comments:

* You should use Use Uint8 / Uint16 / Uint32 in STX structs instead of
  unsigned chars, shorts and longs.  Longs can be 64-bit on 64-bit machines.

* Why pragma pack is used for STX struct typedefs in stx.c?

  All the structure members seem to be aligned on their natural boundaries
  and structures sizes are aligned to 64-bits so I don't think compiler
  would pad them...

* You had the autogenerated file in your patch.  It's better
  if you use "hg diff" for doing the diff, that ignores autogenerated

	- Eero

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