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Hi Roger,

I've tested your program.
I haven't seen any problem, but I may be wrong.

I launch hatari in RGB monitor emulation.

I've switched from 640*400*8bpp to st high compatible.

Then, I've launched your program.

I've first changed S(te) color without any change.
Then, I've changed F(alcon) color Red and all the letters have switched to RED.

It seems to behave as you described, no ?

Can you explain me deeper the problem you encountered ?

Best regards


Le 21/02/2012 00:15, Roger Burrows a écrit :
On 20 Feb 2012 at 22:50, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On maanantai 20 helmikuu 2012, Roger Burrows wrote:
When running in Falcon mode (68030+Falcon selected in System), Hatari
uses the STe palette registers as the source for colour[1] in ST high..
It should use the Falcon palette registers, like a real Falcon does.
This happens in Hatari 1.6.0 running under Windows.

I have a test program that allows you to modify selected registers of
either the STe or Falcon palette.  The test program runs in TTP mode,
and modifying register 1 should immediately change the text colour from
the default black.

When run on a real Falcon or Aranym, modifying Falcon palette register 1
changes the colour; modifying STe palette register 1 has no effect.  When
run on Hatari 1.6.0, the reverse is true.
All these tests are done with TOS v4?

Yes, TOS 4.04.

According to "--trace videl" there are several shift register writes
even on TOS v4 boot.  What are the STE and Falcon shift register values
at this point?

On a real Falcon, STshift = 00, SPSHIFT = 0400.

Aranym would seem to force use of STE palette when
either in ST-low or in ST 4 or 2 color mode:
I don't think so ... Aranym uses the Falcon palette in ST High (see above).

Is there any documentation on what exactly would be the right

I think how a real Falcon behaves is probably the only documentation :-).


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