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@Eero: The Mac should have libpng loaded if the X11 library is loaded. I was concerned about including libpng in my executable because the OS X compiled versions are older and I was not willing to try to see if I could compile the PNG source code myself.

Earlier OS X versions made loading the X11 libraries a choice. In the latest version (OS X Lion - 10.7), Apple has removed really all of the installation choices in the interest of simplifying the process for non-technical users.

I had never tried the video capture before. It did seem to slow down Hatari significantly. I was trying to play Llamatron 2112 with the video capture on and it was very sluggish. I was playing Hatari in a window rather than full screen. However, the video file itself was full speed.

Thank you for the compilation information. Before I wanted to include the frameworks into the OS X application package, I was not using Xcode to do the compilation. I was doing a simple "./configure" and make.

Bob C

On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 5:58 AM, Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On sunnuntai 15 tammikuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> On sunnuntai 15 tammikuu 2012, Bob Carpenter wrote:
> > @Stefan: The default cmake file creates in debug mode.

What that means?

Hatari CMakefiles.txt sets the default build type to "Release" when
nothing else is specified:
       set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release)

> > I
> > changed the release option of every item in the Hatari project to
> > Release and said "None" if I had a debugger choice. I wanted to strip
> > any debugging code out of the compiled Hatari. I also felt that leaving
> > the debug code might make it slower.
> Debug option should only:
> * enable asserts on non-performance critical parts of the code
>   (debugger etc)
> * leave the binary unstripped so that its performance and possible
>   crashes can be debugged
> It shouldn't have any really noticeable effect on performance.

Hm. It appears I wasn't quite up to date on what Hatari CMake files
do for different build types (IMHO CMake is pretty confusing in that

CMakeCache.txt tells:
//Flags used by the compiler during debug builds.

//Flags used by the compiler during release minsize builds.

//Flags used by the compiler during release builds (/MD /Ob1 /Oi
// /Ot /Oy /Gs will produce slightly less optimized but smaller
// files).

//Flags used by the compiler during Release with Debug Info builds.

And we have in CMakeFiles.txt:
# Building Hatari w/o optimization is no fun...
       set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS "-O ${CMAKE_C_FLAGS}")

I.e. plain "Debug" option builds with "-O" instead of "-O3" and
everything else except MINSIZEREL build type adds debug symbols.

I didn't find where & when stripping is done.


       - Eero

> > Also, my compilation only includes the SDL framework. The libpng
> > framework wasn't needed to create screenshots.  I can create a
> > screenshot without that framework being a part of
> Without libpng the screenshots are in BMP format and the AVI
> recording files are absolutely huge (completely uncompressed).
> > I don't have libportaudio included in my either.
> It's needed only to emulate the Falcon microphone.
> Atari programs being able to utilize that are really rare.
>       - Eero

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