Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari 1.6.1 test build for Mac OS X

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On sunnuntai 15 tammikuu 2012, Bob Carpenter wrote:
> @Stefan: The default cmake file creates in debug mode. I
> changed the release option of every item in the Hatari project to
> Release and said "None" if I had a debugger choice. I wanted to strip
> any debugging code out of the compiled Hatari. I also felt that leaving
> the debug code might make it slower.

Debug option should only:
* enable asserts on non-performance critical parts of the code
  (debugger etc)
* leave the binary unstripped so that its performance and possible
  crashes can be debugged

It shouldn't have any really noticeable effect on performance.

> Also, my compilation only includes the SDL framework. The libpng
> framework wasn't needed to create screenshots.  I can create a screenshot
> without that framework being a part of

Without libpng the screenshots are in BMP format and the AVI
recording files are absolutely huge (completely uncompressed).

> I don't have libportaudio included in my either.

It's needed only to emulate the Falcon microphone.
Atari programs being able to utilize that are really rare.

	- Eero

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