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On sunnuntai 08 tammikuu 2012, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I just upgraded to the latest hg tip, did "make distclean",
> "./configure --enable-debug" and "make", but when I now run
> "make install", I get this error message:
> CMake Error at python-ui/cmake_install.cmake:40 (FILE):
>   file INSTALL cannot find
>   "/home/thomas/devel/hatari/mercurial/python-ui/".
> Call Stack (most recent call first):
>   cmake_install.cmake:40 (INCLUDE)
> Eero, do you have any idea what's wrong here?

Sorry, I forgot to add that (generated) file to changeset 3708.
It's commited now.

Is there some way to get CMake to autogenerate
when src/configuration.c (or python-ui/ changes?

All it would need to do is call:
	python-ui/ < src/configuration.c > python-ui/

(For now I added a python-ui/Makefile I call manually to do that.)

	- Eero

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