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First of all, thanks for all the work, you've done, implementing this!

On 19.09.2014 10:16, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
Done !

I also created the tag 'before-evaluators' to easily go to the last
revision that is not using the novel engine.

I hope there won't be too many regressions.

Unfortunately, I get quite some "virtual memory exhausted" errors on one of my test-machines 'cerver':
(I limited virtual memory to 1.5GB, since this machine only has 2GB of RAM and is barely usable if it uses more memory for compiling)
The command I used for limiting virtual memory is
  ulimit -v 1572864
if someone wants to try to reproduce.

Furthermore, there seems to be some problems with cuda:

I hope, I'll find more time again to contribute in the near future.


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