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On 16.06.2014 16:11, Christian Seiler wrote:

I generally like your new names, but I dont think I can reuse
DenseBase at the moment as a base class, since EigenBase,
DenseCoeffsBase and DenseBase currently only support two indices.
Thats why I suggested copying but not reusing Eigens own class

I dont see why this is a problem: MultiDimBase would add the needed
multi-dim accessor overloads.

Let me just a list a couple of methods of these classes:


Another thing, which at least would look strange is the order of template parameters of Array vs Tensor. Array<Scalar, Rows, Cols, Options, MaxRowsAtCompileTime, MaxColsAtCompileTime>
  MultiDimArray<Scalar, NumOfDimension, Options, Dim1, Dim2, ...>

And another question I could not extract from the discussion so far:
Do you intend to support Tensors where the number of dimensions is not fixed at compile-time? Using ArrayXi-based indexing it would not be too hard to implement and it might have some (very) rare use-cases (e.g., n'th derivations of m-variable, single-value functions are m^n-tensors).

(To be clear: I don't mean to request this feature :) )


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