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Hi there,

(Warning: This is going to be a long mail. tl;dr: I've reviewed your
changes and I have a lot of comments. Nevertheless, apart from two
issues - one a class name change, the other some things with impact to
the rest of Eigen to discuss - I think these changes should be merged,
and development and improvements should continue from that starting point.)

> I have been working on extending the Tensor class quite a bit in
> http://bitbucket.org/benoitsteiner/eigen and I am reaching the point
> where the code is almost ready to be useful.

Oh, that's unexpected. ;-)

So first of all, thanks for the interest and your willingness to help
improve my little addition to Eigen. I'm glad I'm not alone when it
comes to people interested in the tensor module.

But just for the future: next time could you perhaps tell me in advance
you're working on something? It's a good thing I only put together some
ideas so far but didn't actually start coding something yet, otherwise
we'd have duplicated a lot of work.

I've taken a bit of time to review the changes you've made (not 100% of
them, but I've looked at most of it).

Generally speaking: I *really* appreciate that you've spent a LOT of
time implementing all this tedious, repetitive stuff and that now there
are quite a few features in there. Thank you!

That said, there are a lot of details which I think should be improved.
I personally took the approach of first writing stuff down in the wiki
and *then* wanting to implement it, because I wanted to get these kind
of details right in the first place. On the other hand, I have no code
to show here and you have implemented several thousand lines, so maybe
your approach of first doing something and then worrying about the
details is the better one. ;-)

Anyway, here's a list of things I think should be improved (sorry it's
so much at once, I don't mean to discourage you, but you sprung O(1000)
LOC on me just a few days ago without warning. ;-)):

1. C++03 compatibility emulation. I see that you went down that rabbit
   hole and came out alive and well, where I thought it would be far
   too complicated to emulate that with lots of variants of templates.
   Seeing your code, I actually see it's quite doable and not really
   that difficult. But I think there are some things that can be

   a. Since Tensor/ does not necessarily need C++11 anymore, we should
      probably move it to unsupported/Eigen/Tensor. I don't see you
      implementing TensorSymmetry/ in C++03 however, so I think that
      will have to stay under unsupported/Eigen/CXX11/.

   b. Currently, since you detect the C++ version to decide which header
      to include, this breaks people (read: me ;-)) using
      TensorSymmetry/ if they accidentally compile it with C++ <= 03 -
      instead of getting a nice error message, they get lots of
      substitution errors, because the C++11 version of the header is
      not included.

      I don't think detection and emulation is the wrong way to go, but
      maybe the best thing is (after doing (1a)) to just write a header
      CXX11/CoreOrEmulated that includes CXX11/Core or CXX11/Emulated
      depending on the compiler version. Tensor/ would then include
      CXX11/CoreOrEmulated, but TensorSymmetry/ would include

      (Obviously, the tensor tests should then be named differently.)

   c. Eigen::array is a bad name decision for emulating std::array,
      since array kind-of-clashes with Eigen::Array - it's going to be
      hell for people using Eigen's traditional capital-A Array
      template if they accidentally have a typo.

      Maybe Eigen::std_array instead? With a macro EIGEN_STD_ARRAY that
      maps to either std::array (C++11) or Eigen::std_array?

      template <typename T, std::size_t N> using array =
          std::array<T, N>;
      That requires g++ 4.7 or 4.8, my code (even the crazy template
      stuff for TensorSymmetry) supports g++ 4.6 and I'd prefer to keep
      it that way. (Some older computing clusters still have only g++
      4.6 available.)

      Btw2. In array_apply_and_reduce etc. you use a for loop instead of
      recursion. From my experience, compilers do not automatically
      tend to unroll this loop, making it difficult for the optimizer
      to generate optimal code here. EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE + recursion is
      better in my experience.

   d. I don't like the Sizes<> template. I think it's better to just
      specify the sizes for fixed size tensors directly.
          Tensor<double, 3, /* Options = */ 0, 3, 3, 3> epsilon;
          (3x3x3 tensor)
      Compare to:
          Matrix<double, 3, 3> foo;
          (3x3 matrix)
      Of course, we have to put Options before the variadic arguments
      here, so there is some difference, but I still think this is more
      consistent with the rest of Eigen here.

   e. Nitpicking: you support up to 5 indices in C++03, but IIRC Fortran
      supports 7, so maybe we should match that?

   f. Unsure: enable_if could probably used instead of a lot of
      static asserts. OTOH, maybe using assertions is not the worst
      idea here. Unsure about the best course of action here.

2. GPU / Threading support: So you probably implemented this here,
   because you needed it yourself. I'm all for it, and the
   EIGEN_DEVICE_FUNC additions definitely should go in (they're in
   Eigen/Core after all). And while I think it's really cool what you
   did there, with .device() and all that, I think this is something
   that affects all of Eigen and I wouldn't want to add this to the
   Tensor module without first having a more general discussion about

   Btw. do you know how your own thread pool implementation compares to
   a simple openmp parallelization (-fopenmp with g++ and #pragma omp
   parallel for in front of the assignment loop for example)? I've
   never tried std::launch:async so far and I have no idea how much
   overhead it has.

3. General class structure:

   a. I don't like two classes TensorFixedSize and Tensor. I think
      there should be only one class, like Matrix or Vector.

   b. You only have one base class right now, which is fine for the
      features implemented so far, but I think at this stage we should
      really go and replicate the entire class hierarchy of Eigen,
      even if some subclasses are not really needed right now, just to
      make it easier later to add more features.

4. General observations:

   a. For all evaluators, you assume something like LinearAccessBit,
      which is fine as long as one doesn't implement some kind of
      generalized .block() for tensor and/or Maps with strides.

   b. The HasBlend / pblend() stuff is probably also something that
      could benefit the rest of Eigen, right? OTOH, the for loop over
      the packet size seems potentially inefficient to me (at least on
      CPUs) - can't you just do a packet() on m_condImpl and store that
      in the selector?

   c. w.r.t. writePacket() - you've kind of answered the question I
      posed in the original posting of this thread, namely that it
      is only called from inside Eigen and therefore doesn't need
      variadic arguments.

   d. Nitpicking: Why did you change #include <...> to #include "..."
      for things that should be in the include path? The only things
      in "..." should be references to src/... from within the main
      include headers, at least if I follow the style of the rest of

5. API stuff:

   a. "Tensor" class prefix. For the internal classes you obviously
      went the TensorXXX route, i.e. TensorEvaluator, TensorCwiseXXXOp
      etc. Since I raise this as a question in this thread, I thought
      about it some more and it's probably the easiest solution.

      That said, I really don't like names like TensorMap<> etc. that
      people will then use from the public API. Also, later on there's
      probably going to be something like Ref<> etc. I think it should
      be better to leverage the same names for the Tensor module, and I
      think I have an idea how to do that without making the rest of
      Eigen fall apart, but I have to try to see if it works first.

      Also, w.r.t. GPU/Threading: TensorDevice seems a really weird
      name for what it's doing. Probably best to create a module
      unsupported/Eigen/Parallelization, name the class ComputeDevice
      or something along those lines and make Tensor make use of that

   b. I don't like the API for convolutions and contractions. It took me
      a while to understand what you are doing. (I think without the
      tests I'd still not understand it.) OTOH, any better API is
      going to be a *LOT* more complicated to implement and it's
      probably better to have something that's useful instead of
      nothing. Still, I don't like "burning" names such as "convolve"
      or "contract" for this, because at some later point with a better
      API that could come to bite us.

      Perhaps we could rename them to basicContract() and
      basicConvolve() so that the features are there, but later
      implementations with a more usable API can still use the stuff
      implemented so far.

-------------------------- </review> --------------------------

That all said, I think the best way to move forward is to merge your
changes sooner rather than later, otherwise it's going to be a huge
mess. I see two things that should definitely be handled from my
perspective before merging:

 * change the name Eigen::array to Eigen::std_array or something
   similar. The possibility of confusion w.r.t. Eigen::Array is too
   great in my eyes.

 * The GPU/std::async/future type threading that you implemented.
   We should definitely discuss this with the Core developers of
   Eigen before merging this. It's probably fine to first use the
   Tensor module as a playground until it's mature enough to be
   used in Core/, but I wouldn't want to merge something along these
   lines unless there's some kind of consensus that this is the way
   to go.

After those two things I think the next step would be to merge the rest
of your stuff as-is for the moment being.

After that and some further discussion and coordination with you and any
other interested party (btw. my comments above are not set in stone,
they only reflect my personal opinion, which might change during a
discussion, just in case that wasn't clear ;-)), I'd want to go after
the things I mentioned here and improve upon the things you have right
now. Does this procedure sound agreeable?

Anyway, I've rambled on for far too long now. ;-)

Best Regards,

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