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On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 4:45 PM, Jitse Niesen <jitseniesen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In another mail, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:

Every feature request still in "NEW" state (at some deadline) gets closed due to lack of interest. The same for every bug that nobody can reproduce anymore.

I'm not sure it is ideal to close feature requests due to lack of interest. To me closed means that we are not going to do that, while a lack of interest means that it is not going to be done anytime soon but that if somebody else would do it, we would maybe incorporate it. Perhaps an INACTIVE state would reflect this better?

If someone has interest in a bug, then the bug should be turned as "CONFIRMED" and it won't be closed arbitrarily.
I could add another status "ReviewNeeded" for bugs where we have a consensus on how to fix them in general and which have a working patch attached.

There is also a possibility in bugzilla to ask for review of a patch:

It is possible to search for bugs with patches needing a review, I think. The advantage of the bugzilla system is that reviews are per-patch, not per-bug, and that they can be assigned to a specific reviewer. The disadvantage is that they do not work for pull requests via bitbucket (and that in practice it does not seem to have worked that well).

I guess we do need the "ReviewNeeded" status to support bitbucket pull requests. In that case, I think we should remove the review flag on bugzilla patches so that we do not have two systems to indicate that a patch needs review (I do not think that the more specific nature of the bugzilla system buys a lot).

The patch reviewing system of bitbucket is indeed much better. The downside is that scatters the discussions but since that's already what's happening, why not.


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