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On 14.05.2013 13:06, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
If this is already allowed for Matrix<> objects, then I don't see why
this would not be the case for blocks.  It would be nice that the
block.cpp unit test checks for 0-sized blocks.

For zero-sized matrices there is even a separate unit-test file.

Unit tests for blocks are not very extensive at the moment. If I see it correctly, only the case 2 rows and 5 cols is tested for fixed size blocks, and some methods such as topRows, etc are not tested at all (I might just have missed them).

If I find time to extend these tests, I'll also have a look at bug 579:

Should fixed sized blocks which don't fit into fixed sized matrices fail at compile time? Currently they don't.
	Eigen::Matrix4d A;
// run-time assertion, which could be checked at compile-time:

O.t.o.h. that might be a bit overkill, especially since there will be a lot of special cases for different dynamic/fixed combinations (and run-time assertions will still be needed anyways most of the time).


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